2019, Completed projects

USAID PSU “Empowering Women and Girls to Access Justice for Sexual Harassment”

Implementation timeline:

May 2 to December 30, 2019 for 8 months.


Promote the empowerment of women and girls to access justice for sexual harassment.

Expected results and accomplishments: 

  1. Analyzed the legal framework defining sexual harassment as a negative phenomenon and studied international experience.
  2. The research methodology was developed and the research was carried out covering the target points of the project – Bishkek, Osh, Kara-Balta and Tokmok cities.
  3. Prepared a report developing recommendations to improve access to justice for women who have been sexually harassed.
  4. A round table was held with the participation of more than 130 representatives of government agencies, international organizations, civil society, as well as judges and deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, at which the results of a study on sexual harassment committed in universities and workplaces were presented.
  5. Prepared infographics with visual information for better understanding of the study results.
  6. Promoted the mainstreaming of sexual harassment through discussion of the research findings among stakeholder groups, issued a research report on violations of the rights of women and girls who have been sexually harassed to promote their empowerment in accessing justice.
  7. A press survey was conducted among journalists to disseminate information to all stakeholders regarding the research report issued.

Проект успешно завершен 30 декабря 2019 года.