2017, Completed projects

“Raising Awareness of the Judiciary,” with technical support from the East West Management Institute’s Co-Management Program, with support from USAID and the British Department for International Development.

Implementation timeline:



To help increase public confidence in the judicial system by raising awareness among high school students.

Main areas of activity:

Building basic knowledge of the role and function of the judiciary among high school students in target schools through guest lectures.

Expected results and accomplishments:

  • developed an illustrated manual in the state and official languages “I know about the judicial system of Kyrgyzstan”, which was distributed during guest lectures among high school students.
  • Conducted two two-day trainings (TOT) for the members of the NGO “KAWJ” in Bishkek;
  • A series of guest lectures were held for high school students in 27 schools located in 7 oblasts and the cities of Bishkek and Osh, attended by 3,165 high school students. The lecturers were judges of the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Chamber and local courts. The main purpose of the lectures was to increase the knowledge of schoolchildren about the judicial system and the level of their legal awareness through live communication with judges, as well as to increase the level of public confidence in the activities of the judiciary. The judges told the students about the role and structure of the judiciary: why it is so important to have an independent judiciary; how the judiciary protects human rights; and the role of the judiciary in the life of citizens.
  • Concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation between the NGO “Kyrgyz Association of Women Judges” and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic (MESKR).