To develop a robust and sustainable training system aimed at improving gender sensitivity and SGBV identification skills of government lawyers and government professionals participating in the Solidarity Bus campaign.

Ensure the inclusion of SGBV identification skills as mandatory for SPS lawyers handling SGBV cases, which will ensure sustainability in capacity building of lawyers after the completion of the ILS implementation.

Implementation timeline: from March 1, 2023 to October 31, 2023. 

Project Objectives: 

Task 1: Develop, test and finalize a practical training course for government lawyers on the implementation of the Solidarity Bus Campaign with a special section on the importance of providing gender-sensitive and victim-centered services and on identifying SGBV when providing legal advice to the public, including conducting a knowledge assessment before and after participation in the training.

Task 2: Adapt the content of the developed practical training course into digital format and develop an electronic version of the training course.

Task 3: Ensure mandatory successful completion of the course by SJP advocates and specialists of state bodies (at least 100 people) and obtaining an electronic certificate before joining the mobile groups of the Solidarity Bus.

Task 4: Ensure that SGBV identification skills are included as mandatory for SPS lawyers handling SGBV cases.